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Unless I was particularly unobservant before, I’ve noticed over recent years that the kind of makeup available to us is getting more sophisticated. It’s becoming more possible for us at home to purchase more professional products that would normally be only used by makeup artists and it’s more attainable for us to achieve a flawless and polished look. The explosion of beauty blogs over the past few years has also given us regular people the advice for the right products to use and the best way actually apply them to get the achieved look.

In this post I thought I’d focus on base products. When I was a teenager it was all about foundation and powder and that was about it. I vaguely remember tinted moisturisers being around but they didn’t really show up on my radar due to low coverage. As touched upon in my first ever post here,┬ámy makeup as a teenager was basic at best, with my base leaving a lot to be desired! Badly colour-matched foundation (cue orange eyebrows) applied poorly with fingers and caked on powder, also in the wrong shade. But now we are lucky to have an even bigger array of foundations on the market with endless different ways to make our skin flawless and other added benefits as well as the more user friendly tinted moisturisers that are no longer just for those with already perfect skin but who want to wear makeup anyway. Then there has been the explosion of BB creams recently claiming to be the miracle product none of us will be able to live without and CC creams just on the horizon. ┬áLast but not least there have been the accompanying products such as primers, highlighters and illuminators and the huge choice of brushes and tools for application.

Personally I’ve been struggling over the last year to work out where each product fits in to my routine. On the recommendation of certain beauty bloggers I’ve made some choice purchases and experimented with what works best on my skin. My main discovery has been mixing and matching ie. either mixing two or more products together on the back of my hand or applying thin layers of the products straight on my face and as long as I’m careful with quantities I can get the best effect from each product without it looking caked on. My other discoveries that I feel are worth mentioning are my Real Techniques buffing brush for applying all base products and also the elimination of powder from my routine now that summer is on it’s way!

What changes have you made with your base products recently?

Em x

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